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Next to your writing area and just below the Publish button, you will see a drop down menu called "Post Settings".  Clicking the menu brings you a world of options for posting.  Let's get into the good stuff.

Post Options and Post Settings

Today, we're switching from last week's Emporio - a dark, blackened affair - to the third version of Emporio that Blogger offers.  This one is much much like Emporio's first:  it's not even that different in color.

Blogger Layout Week 41: Emporio a la Peachy 2

Many Bloggers like to create posts ahead of when they want to publish them.  If, for example, you plan on taking a vacation, you can write lots of posts ahead of time, and set them to post while you are away on vacation.  When you finish typing up the post, just click "Save" instead of "Publish".  This will change the status of the post to 'Draft' instead of publishing it, and even though you can see the post in your dashboard, it won't be visible on your blog until you click Publish.

How To: Saving your Post as a Draft

Today, we're switching from last week's Emporio - a peachy coloured affair - to the second version of Emporio that Blogger offers.  This one is much darker, but works in quite the same way.

Blogger Layout Week 40: Black Emporio

During the previous week, we finished up using Blogger's built in family of templates called Notable.  For the most part they were extremely functional, modern, and well designed.  Today we switch gears a little and start using a new family of templates, ones Blogger calls Emporio.

Blogger Layout Week 39: Emporio Beige

Happy Holidays!

38 weeks into our look at blogger's build-in templates and this is the final version of the Notable family.  Notables have all looked the same: sleek color palettes, well designed, simple.  The biggest drawback has been the colors used, but at the very end, Notable is surprising us by using simple, tried and true greys.

Blogger Layout Week 38: Noteably Simple

When you finally have finished crafting, adding links and adding images to your post, you can publish it, so that the world can read it and interact.  This is a pretty easy step:  click the bright orange  Publish Post button at the bottom of the page, or the orange Publish button at the top.  Your post is then published to your blog and available for everyone on the internet to read.

Publishing Your Post

We're continuing our series of looking into blogger's templates and this is the 37th instalment.  We're still in the Notable family of templates, which do look quite nice, depending on your blog's focus.  The layout doesn't really change, but once again the colours sure have.

Blogger Layout Week 37: Teal